• Análisis de los factores que limitan el desarrollo y crecimiento de la pequeña empresa en Lima, Perú

      Ruiz Marisol, Jorge; Condorchoa, Erika; Gonzales, Liz (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-10-28)
      The present research entitled "Analysis of the factors that limit the development and growth of small business in Lima, Peru" aimed to analyze that the inadequate organizational structure originated by the occupation of direct relatives in the managerial positions of small business and that the low specialization in niche markets are the determining factors that limit the development and economic growth of small business. As for the research methodology, a qualitative design was approached, whose nature of research was based on grounded theory. The research sample was made to 18 small companies, through their officials were able to establish the interviews and carry out the field work. It was concluded that the occupation of the direct relatives in the management positions of the small company generates a weak organizational structure; however, it is not the only determining factor that limits its development and economic growth. Likewise, the low specialization in niche markets is not the only determining factor in the economic growth of small businesses. It is recommended to strengthen the organizational structure of small enterprises, focus on planning and strategic analysis, establish policies and procedures, train managers on management issues, carry out market studies, hire specialized sales personnel, use management indicators.. In this way, we seek to ensure that the companies analyzed have an improvement in the organizational and business aspects.
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