• Despensa Online: Plataforma web para la compra de la canasta familiar en el distrito de San Juan de Lurigancho

      Ponce Polanco, Orlando; Gastelú Advíncula, José Miguel; Jara Paniagua, Evelyn Elena; Martinez Del Aguila, Jenny Sonia; Quispe Ccaccya, Freddy (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-19)
      Creation of a web platform that allows you to make purchases without having to go to the market, through this page you can control your purchases and have fresh products of the day. This website will have two aspects: On the one hand, a stock manager that can only be used by the administrators, allowing to introduce, update and / or eliminate articles and compilation of information relevant to the business. And on the other hand, a website for customers in which they can assemble their purchases and place their orders. And for the control of access to one or other parties different permissions will be established and will have an intuitive graphic interface that allows any user, regardless of their knowledge, to assemble their purchases for the week.
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