• Análisis de los factores clave de éxito en el mercado del Fitness, una investigación enfocada en el crecimiento de las cadenas de gimnasios en Lima Metropolitana y su perspectiva de crecimiento para una gestión empresarial competitiva.

      Ruíz, Marisol, Jorge; Aguilar Delgado, Alex Adrián; Estremadoyro Nervi, Fiorella Lucía (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-11-21)
      This research paper aims to provide relevant information on the key factors of success in the fitness market and analyzing the growth of fitness chains for a competitive business management. Our findings will help the entrepreneurs to have a broader view of the fitness market for better decision making. In the first chapter, the development of the theoretical framework determines how the supply of fitness chains is shaped today, followed by the identification of the profile and habits of consumers for a competitive business management. In the second chapter, the field investigation is carried out through in-depth interviews of people that works in the fitness industry, this information will allow us to identify the differences between the existing and real situation of the fitness market. Furthermore, in the third chapter, the data collected in the in-depth interviews are processed. Subsequently, in the fourth chapter, it identifies the main findings, gaps and barriers of the research, contrasting the information provided with the theoretical framework, field investigation and current business management. Finally, in the fifth chapter, we provide conclusions and recommendations for a better decision-making.
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