• Análisis de los procesos de las áreas de Contratos y Adquisiciones de las Cooperaciones Internacionales Alemana, Suiza y Belga y su impacto en la ejecución de los programas sociales con presencia en el Perú

      Ruiz Marisol, Jorge; De La Cruz Camarena, Susan; Mesia De La Vega, Silvana Giuliana (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-11-23)
      The purpose of this research work is to analyze the Contracts and Procurements processes areas in the International Cooperation: German, Swiss and Belgian and how these processes impact on the execution of social programs financed by each entity. In the first chapter it shows the theoretical framework necessary for the development of the following topics: definition and types of International Cooperation, regulatory agency´s role of International Cooperation with a presence in Peru and the development of International Cooperation in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium; as well as the social programs list managed by each one. Then, in the second chapter, the research methodology is carried out that seeks to collect, order and ponder the data obtained from direct sources through the development of in-depth interviews. Likewise, in the third chapter we proceed to analyze data and results, which allows us to validate or not our hypothesis, so in the fourth chapter we present the main findings, barriers and gaps of this research process. Finally, in the fifth chapter it developes the conclusions and recommendations for this research work.
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