• Modelo de evaluación de 360° para el personal de la gerencia de recursos humanos de la empresa Sedapal

      Gamarra Vargas, Natalie Margarita; Acosta Rojas, Cecilia Margarita Natalia; Aliaga Surichaqui, Karina Sheyla (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-10-28)
      Purpose of proposing a 360° evaluation model for competencies, to the collaborators of the management of human resources of the company Sedapal. The 360° evaluation system can serve as a model of management to increase the competitiveness of the collaborators of the human resource management of the entity. In the first chapter, it investigates and summarizes the theoretical framework in which develops the theoretical information on the background and basis of the model 360° performance evaluation. In the second chapter develops the methodology of research, highlighting the steps followed for the development of the research: the study methodology, the research method and the techniques and instruments of data collection and its treatment. In the third chapter, the analysis is performed of the results to give answer to the research question raised: a model for the evaluation of 360° will improve the performance of the workers in the management of human resources of the company SEDAPAL? In the fourth chapter presents the findings, gaps and barriers encountered. Finally, in the fifth chapter provides conclusions and recommendations based on the results of the research.
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