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  • Producción, distribución y exhibición del cine desde una nueva mirada: la web social

    Sayán Casquino,Yasmín; (Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya, 2017-01-20)
    The film industry in Latin America has to deal with financial and distribution problems for projects in the traditional film system. Nevertheless, nowadays the influence of the internet, the global screen, social media, and group participation have changed consumer behavior, giving rise to new tools for the film production and viewing cycle. Audiences do not only consume, but also produce. New filmmakers have taken advantage of this change to rethink the business model, and the production chain for telling their stories. New concepts that help to transform the production chain include crowdfunding, which modifies the financing of projects, products such as the “wikipeli”, which use new methods of production and creation, without distribution intermediaries, and transmedia and storytelling, which modify narration and create a product brand. We seek to show the role of social media tools as alternative audiovisual production mechanisms through a descriptive qualitative analysis of examples of success, interviews and platforms.
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