• Plan de negocios para la intermediación logística mediante una plataforma virtual

      Medina La Plata, Edison Humberto; Espinoza Bisbal, Jorge Antonio; Huaman Nivin, Cesar Augusto; Talledo Torre, Maria Julia (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-26)
      Analyze the feasibility of creating a virtual platform for the logistics intermediation of goods and services. After identifying a market niche that can be served by a company engaged in logistics intermediation through a virtual platform that provides services as a link between buyers and sellers, whether for goods and / or services regardless of geographical location, it is enough to have users that have the capacity of attention in the indicated geographical point and the profile requested by the buyers users. The methodology of this business plan consisted of making a diagnosis and strategic analysis to national companies (especially focused on medium-sized companies), which also includes marketing, operations, finance and organizational plans.
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