• Desarrollo de un plan de negocios para constituir un estudio de abogados

      Aramayo Prieto, Armando; Gutiérrez Canales, Edward Magno; Macedo Camino, Percy Enrique (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-02-01)
      This paper called: "Development of a Business Plan to set up a study of lawyers", was conducted in the Ica Region, during the year 2015. The purpose of the research was to develop a business plan for the study of law. In that sense, the subject of study was to determine the feasibility of creating a study of lawyers in the Ica Region. The investigation reached the following conclusions and recommendations: there is a reduced supply and growing demand of business legal advice on clients of the Ica Region, the intention of the service is 80%. According to the survey, the research found an unmet demand for 320 customers seeking business legal services. Also, we calculated an initial investment of S/. 14,590, generating total revenue by S/. 325,000 and expenses for S/. 211,680 in the first year. In terms of the economic feasibility of financial, in a period of three years, the net present value (VAN) is equal to S/. 244,880.99 and the internal rate of return (IRR) is 592.13%. Finally, the point of equilibrium is reached with minimal sales of S/. 213,055.6, the benefit-cost is S/. 16.8 and the period of recovery of the investment will be made in the first year. Therefore, the project is viable and sketched general hypothesis: "Demand for provision of legal business in the Ica Region at its reduced offer, casts an interesting return", proved absolutely.
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