• Plan de negocios para la implementación de escuela de entrenamiento en cirugía con simuladores médicos en la ciudad de Lima

      Bustamante, María Cecilia; Aliaga Vargas, César Víctor; Zúñiga Bustamante, Fernando Alonso (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-31)
      Develop a business plan for the implementation of a medical training school in experimental surgery with physical-mechanical models (specifically high fidelity clinical simulators) and animal models in the city of Lima. Likewise, develop a new training tool for experimental surgeries, a market research (Focus group, surveys and interviews), as well as validate a new methodology for the achievement of competencies. Our proposal offers a medical training service based on simulation techniques with physical-mechanical instruments and biological inputs (animal model), which will allow standardized practice in a controlled environment for general practitioners and doctors of surgical specialties, both those that are already specialists like those in the process of formation.
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