• Gestión de contingencia para el financiamiento del empleo temporal del Programa Trabaja Perú y su incidencia en el fortalecimiento del Ministerio de Trabajo y Promoción del Empleo

      Chacón Rojas, Lenny Ednita (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-06-16)
      The Ministry of Labour created by Supreme Decree No. 012-2011-TR, the program works Peru; Modified Supreme Decree No. 004-2012-TR, Article 1 of Supreme Decree No. 012-2011-TR in the following terms: "Create the Programme for Social Employment Generation Inclusive" Work Peru ", in order to generate employment, and promote sustained employment and quality of unemployed and underemployed urban and rural areas, living in poverty and extreme poverty "; inclusive social program that would work to tackle unemployment or non-inertial nature of urban vulnerable population; this implies that the program budget should expand coverage to the occurrence of an economic crisis, a cyclical natural event, among other factors, and contract periods of economic expansion to meet the non-inertial or unnatural unemployment and support the vulnerable population shares upon the occurrence of natural disasters, weather cyclical effects under the Competition Project, and co-financing of public investment projects, used to pay unskilled labor, procurement of materials, tools and safety equipment kits in works of basic social and economic infrastructure in favor of the unemployed in condition poverty and extreme poverty in urban and rural areas, which is important for the action of contingency financing temporary employment, in order to influence the strengthening of the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion, as a state policy, which unfortunately with this investigation found elevated indicators inefficiency in the management of contingency financing temporary employment, Peru Work Programme, negatively affecting the institutional strengthening of the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion, lack of planning and should focus on update process activities and set guidelines to effective financing for the generation of temporary employment, thus allowing strengthened maintain the institutions of the Ministry in question, under the strict fulfillment of roles as government policy and that the interpretation and powers consistently applied.
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