• Reduccion del deficit de viviendas dirigidas al sector C Caso de estudio de viviendas del distrito de Carabayllo

      Bonelli Alzamora, Roberto; Salazar Arroyo, Yonel Ricardo; Silva Alava, Henry Antonio; Zaga Terbullino, Zenón Eduardo (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-11-20)
      Faced with a social problem such as the housing deficit in the country, the work shown below presents a case study of multifamily housing located in the District of Carabayllo aimed at families of socioeconomic sector C, where on the one hand it is evaluated that said product is accessible to the payment capacity of the families of this sector and on the other hand it shows that said product turns out to be attractive and profitable for the Investors and the Companies that will develop the project. It is important to highlight that to achieve these objectives it is necessary to "generate value" with the application of innovative solutions using Lean Construction concepts throughout the product development process as well as to achieve the collaborative participation of all the actors involved in the project and in particular the effective support of the state.
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