• Desarrollo e Implementación de un Sistema de Gestión del Conocimiento para la Empresa Indeco-Nexans

      Medina La Plata, Edison; González Bermejo, Enrique Mariano; Martinez Negri, Juan Carlos; Tenorio Panduro, Miren Maela; Urbina Guerra, Luisa Alejandrina Milagros (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-01)
      After a long process of analysis within Indeco company, a problem was detected that focuses on the absence of an efficient knowledge management system that safeguards the information coming from the collaborators, as well as from the different areas and sources. Currently the company has identified employees who, being close to retirement, work in critical positions and in turn -comparatively in relation to the majority of employees in the same positions- perform their work more productively and efficiently, but they doesn´t want to share their work methodology for fear of being replaced. Implementing an area of Knowledge Management will not only seek to motivate this type of collaborators by making them the initial leaders of the system, but will also sensitize 100% of the personnel to be facilitators under the new collaborative-participatory environment (sharing knowledge and safeguarding all the information related to their work processes or procedures) and identify future leaders (networkers) to manage cascading organizational learning. The investigation was carried out through surveys, interviews and information gathering of a confidential and privileged nature. The objectives of this proposal are to reduce the level of knowledge leak resulting from job separation, the costs for new collaborators inductions, the fines for lack of product delivery that arise as part of the commitment on deadlines established in the Purchase Orders; and increase profitability thus achieving the sustainability of the company.
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