• Propuesta de implementación de un modelo de Business Intelligence en los procesos de envío de remesas al exterior y giros nacionales de la empresa de transferencia de fondos Western Union Perú S.A.

      Medina La Plata, Edison; Pesantes Capacyachi, Angel Humberto; Salas Rojas, Jean (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12-12)
      The project arose from the need of users of Sales, Marketing and Agencies area, to access reliable information quickly to the behavior that is taking Western Union Peru regarding the number of transactions and revenues in the nations twists and shipments to the Exterior. Having this information available, users can focus on the analysis from various points of view and determine the actions they deem appropriate to improve their management and hence decision making. The procedure that implies working and preparing information to can be provided to users of different areas, is performed manually, it means involving high human work that often can take too long and has a high possibility error. The work process depends on scattered information and different data sources such as databases, Excel files, which ends difficult to read data in real time. The project proposes the implementation of a solution for business intelligence to support the Sales, Marketing and Agencies areas, this tool automates the process that has been explained in the preceding paragraph, and in a friendly environment, allow users to access information of better quality, reliable, in less time and in a repository to provide access to information in real time. After the implementation of the project has been possible to demonstrate that the company is fully benefited from the solution of business intelligence, allowing to have independent access to information to support decision making, understanding the behavior and deployment of network national level in order to increase the value of each agent. It has an incremental trend in revenues and transactions that are making the company more profitable and have greater participation in the Peruvian market. Financially the project has generated a net present value of $ 177.95 an internal rate of return of 54% and a return on investment in less than 3 months.
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