• Plan de negocio de una central de compras de insumos para el cultivo de caña de azucar y otros cultivos en el Valle Huaura - Sayan

      Bernal Vento, Lidia Elizabeth; Candela Espichan, Carlos Martin; Cobeñas Y Aquino, Edelmira Victoria; Laguna Oballe, Ynés Alejandrina (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-11-17)
      The Huaura-Sayan Valley covers an area of 4,770 km² and has agriculture as its main economic activity, where sugarcane predominates. Currently, there are a total of 7,737 farmers with a total of 28,098 hectares of crops and around 108 types of crops. Likewise, 53% of the cultivated area is dominated by three crops: sugarcane, corn and avocado in its different varieties. The failure of the Agrarian Reform led to the division of land giving rise to the atomization of small farmers. This situation leads farmers to lack the capacity for negotiation and association that allows them to provide themselves with inputs at lower prices, as well as access to a fair retribution of the value of their production in front of the sugar mills. Furthermore, this reality brings the opportunity for the implementation of a Supplies Center that in addition to offering products at competitive prices, provides technical advice to the farmer, improving their productivity as well as allowing them access to quality control through the measurement of sucrose, which will allow them to have a negotiation tool in front of the mill. Under a conservative analysis, the economic results of the proposed business model are favorable. With a NPV of S / 430,751, an IRR of 68.64% and a recovery period of two years, it is concluded that it is a profitable and sustainable model.
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