• Estrategia de branding para una marca de un producto farmacéutico

      Couillaud Glais, Dennis; Acosta Pazos, Eduardo Fabián; Bedoya Quezada, María Luisa; Calisaya Aguilar, Daniel Zacarías; Saldarriaga Tasaico, Marie (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-04-01)
      The chosen thesis corresponds to pharmaceutical business and tries to understand it in order to position as number 1 in the peruvian market the RINOFREE product which is oriented to combat the complications of allergic rhinitis in infants from 6 months of age. During the development of the thesis we will understand the situation of the peruvian pharmaceutical industry impacted with free trade agreements; we will Meet some stakeholders in the industry ranging from laboratories, associations, medical community, pharmacists, specialized logistics operators, pharmaceutical supply chains, etc .; in addition, it will be interesting to understand the process of a drug for sale, which goes through an extensive process of health registration and in general the complexity of the business itself, since marketing can not be done directly to the consumer or shopper, but to the specialist medical community that prescribes and references our product. Therefore, the proposed Branding Plan takes into account diverse perspectives (given by the stakeholders in the industry) and also the competition that offers products for different age groups, with variants in the presentation that makes them indirect competitors, but at in the end medical community perceives them within the same category. In addition, such competitors try to be very carefully in complying with all the functional and ethical standards imposed by the industry; at the same time to give a solid positioning and consistent profitability to the laboratory that represents. We hope it is very useful to read the thesis and the proposal given.
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