• Duración del pico de crecimiento puberal en sujetos Clase I y III según el análisis de vértebras cervicales de Baccetti en telerradiografías laterales de cabeza

      Arriola Guillén, Luis Ernesto; García Drago, Augusto Gabriel (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2013-12-01)
      Objective: To compare the duration of the pubertal growth peak in Class I and Class III patients according to Baccetti´s cervical vertebral analysis on lateral cephalometric radiographs. Materials and Methods: The design of this study was observational, descriptive, crosssectional, comparative and retrospective. The sample consisted of 115 radiographs from patients aged 9-15 years old. The evaluation of skeletal maturation stage was performed using a visual analysis of C3 and C4 cervical vertebrae. Also, the skeletal relation was evaluated according to Steiner analysis. Evaluations were performed independently by two examiners previously trained and calibrated. We used the Kappa coefficient to calculate the intra and inter-observer. The pubertal peak duration was calculated from the age in which stages CS3 and CS4 appeared in the cervical vertebrae. Results: The average duration of the pubertal growth peak in Class I patients was 9.72 ± 1.44 months and 14.52 ± 0.95 months in Class III patients. A difference of 4.8 months was found (p<0.001). Conclusions: The duration of pubertal growth spurt was 4.8 months higher in patients with Class III skeletal relation. This condition can increase de development of the mandible for Class III patients.
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