• Análisis comparativo de los modelos lluvia-escorrentía: gr2m, Temez y Lutz-Scholz aplicados en la subcuenca del río Callazas

      Guevara Perez, Edilberto; Cruz Adrianzén, Erwin Jhonatan; Romero Callo, Jean Andrés (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2018-03-31)
      Three conceptual rainfall-runoff models (Gr2m, Témez, Lutz Scholz) were applied on the high-andean basin Callazas at a monthly timescale and assessed through statistical criteria (goodness of fit). Taking the coefficient of Nash-Sutcliffe as the main reference, it was determined that the Gr2m model, with a value of 0.846, fits better with the observed data and reflects well the behavior of the basin, followed by Lutz Scholz with 0.776 and Témez with 0.52
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