• Asociación entre quiste de retención mucoso en el seno maxilar y la presencia de condiciones dentarias adyacentes en radiografías panorámicas en una clínica docente de Lima durante el periodo 2011-2013

      Agurto Huerta, Andrés Marcos; Chamorro Giuffra, Laura Cecilia (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)PE, 04/06/2015)
      Objective: To determine the association between the presence of mucous retention cyst in the maxillary sinus , and adjacent dental conditions in patients from undergraduate dental clinic during the period 2011-2013 in Lima Materials and Methods: This is an observational, descriptive, cross-sectional, retrospective study, one thousand, three hundred and seventy three panoramic radiographs of medical records we selected from undergraduate dental clinic, considering an age range and an established period. Results: According to the data analysis, it was observed that the prevalence of mucous retention cyst was 14%, frequently found in the maxillary sinus on the right side, in females and 18 to 29 age group. Mucous retention cyst was found in 46.3 % periodontal disease, 48.9 % pulp pathology and 18.7 % endodontically treated roots. Conclusions: There is a relationship among the presence of mucous retention cyst and the conditions of periodontal disease and pulpal pathology, but the presence of pre-treated teeth.
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