• Relaciones entre representaciones mentales del rol materno y resiliencia en madres con hijos en tratamiento de fisura palatina en Lima

      Reyes Bossio, Mario; Huarcaya Somoza, Fiorella (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-06-17)
      This research seeks to establish the relationship between mental representations of positive and negative maternal role , and resilience in mothers during treatment of children with cleft palate by sociodemographic variables. There fore, the scale mental representation of Maternal Role ( RM ) and Resilience Scale (CD- RISC ) 60 mothers of children with cleft palate, participants in a postsurgical treatment was applied. Was obtained , 52% of mothers show positive mental representation , 32% of mothers show negative mental representation; and 76 % of mothers are shown to be resilient . The results showed a correlation between mental representations of positive maternal role and resilience because they construct adequate maternal constellations. Transform and reorganize their minds to create a healthy bond with your child . Mothers who have support networks , building protective factors that help reduce the risk , as is the special care of the fissured child.
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