• Propuesta de planeamiento estratégico en la I.E. 1286 para mejorar la calidad del servicio

      Ramírez Valdivia, César; Montenegro Sánchez, Edgard Oswaldo (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-04)
      Investigates the reality of a peruvian public educational institution calls Héroes del Cenepa, located in the district of La Molina in Lima, based on this, it contemplates tools to be established in a proposed strategic plan. This school has opportunities for improvement in the organizational climate, capacity for use, student satisfaction and achievement of results in census assessments. In the school, a training plan was implemented. It was carried out in order to improve the organizational climate, which was achieved. Also, a pilot plan was realized using the student-centered educational model to improve student satisfaction and, as the same time, obtain a greater number of satisfactory results in census evaluations. That was approved through a simulation of these. Finally, a marketing plan was proposed to be able to use the capacity of the school efficiently.
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