• Sistema de generación de reportes de control y verificación – SIGERCOV

      Villalta, Rosario; Chávez Figueroa, Andrés Oswaldo; Herrera Valle, Ricardo Hernán (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-05)
      The UPC’s careers of Software Engineer and System and Information Engineer have the accreditation of ABET. One way to show that the achievements of the certification had been accomplished is by the generation of reports of the grades of the students in the control and verification courses. In the present, this process is manually, so it takes too much time and could be generate with errors. That consists in the recollection of the grades of the goal tests, finals work or finals test, of the courses that are considerate of control and verification. Control courses are those that contribute to the professional formation of the student along the career, and a verification course is the last subject where a student goal is evaluated. This project, system of generation of control and verification reports, has the goal to create a web system to automatize this process and eliminate the disadvantages of time and errors. Also, this system will provide the options to generate more detailed reports with different filters and more information. To develop this project, the actual environment to deploy and the database, where are all the information, have to be modified to optimize the system. At the end, this project will be integrate with others that are also focus to generate evidence for the ABET certification
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