• Mercado + Centro Gastronómico en el Rimac

      Heyne Flores, Gwendolin; Valdettaro Ramos, Maria Fernanda (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-10-01)
      Gastronomy is one of the main activities when it comes to Peruvian economy. Mainly, because of the amount of tourism and employment that it generates. Nowadays, our country is internationally recognized as one of the most important culinary destinations in the world. The Rimac, is one of the most traditional districts in Lima. Most of the typical Peruvian dishes, those who represent our identity and culture are prepared and eaten here. The Limoncillo market is located in The Rimac, as well as many other historical monuments and part of Lima's Historical Center. As a consequence of increasing the gastronomic tourism in the district, the proposal consists in a market with a Gastronomic Center that integrates the immediate surroundings, through materials and a volumetric solution that integrates to the existent and the original structure of the Limoncillo Market. This volumetry will provide social meeting spaces that will be part of the urban plot of the city, through the creation of public plazas, where the users will join in order to enjoy gastronomy and social encounters. In conclusion, the project's objective is to expose one of the districts with more history and culture in Lima. Lenghtening the well known touristic heritage that exists in the historical center of Lima, by bringing it to the Rimac
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