• Plan de Negocios para la puesta en marcha de una casa de reposo para el Adulto Mayor en la ciudad de Arequipa

      Aramayo Prieto, Carlos Armando; Arias Alvarez, Roberta Fiorella; Campano Caceres, Carlos Abraham; Ibañez Coayla, Ruth Ana Maria (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-11-27)
      The following thesis consists of the elaboration of a business plan for a rest home start-up for the elderly in the city of Arequipa called "Residencia Club mi Hogar". The business concept is a mixture of a social club and a rest home, which has large green areas, mini apartments, a farm, an orchard and quality service for the adult to stay active; well located in the countryside far from the noise and pollution of the city. The target market are adults over 60 years of age belonging to the socioeconomic segments A and B of the city of Arequipa. According to the analysis of the external environment in Peru, it was determined that there is a favorable economic, political and legal situation as well as demographic indicators of the growing elederly population. A market study was conducted by which it was determined that there is demand for the business proposal, as well as the price rate, affordable for the target market, and the most valued characteristics for this service. Finally, the business proposal is innovative and unique in the city with a total investment cost of S /. 3, 485,398.44, the recovery period for the expected scenario is 6 years with a NPV of S/. 591,906.35 and an IRR of 22.10%, quite encouraging indicators for all investors. It has been shown that the business proposal is viable and profitable.
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