• Factores que influyeron en la disminución de las exportaciones de espárragos frescos a Estados Unidos entre los años 2012 al 2015

      Esparta Sánchez, Miguel Ángel; Pérez Aponte, Maria Cecilia; Abanto Jara, Melissa Soleyl; Puma Parin, Jackelyne Mara (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-10-31)
      Fresh asparagus from Peru are recognized for their quality and considered one of the main agricultural products of the country, which has allowed exporters to become known abroad. However, in recent years, this sector has suffered a decrease in its volumes of shipments to the United States. For this reason this work has been developed to identify the causes of this decline, since this market represents more than 60% of exports of this product.
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