• Procesos de comunicación para la cohesión y articulación social en las instituciones públicas en el Perú: un modelo basado en la Nueva Teoría Estratégica (NTE)

      Antezana Corrieri, Miguel E.; [email protected] (Universidad Sergio Arboleda, 2016-10)
      The process of forming a government -which, according to some of the concepts that are handled on social cohesion, would advance along the path of progress of society- lacks articulators processes to function efficiently in practice. In that sense, is necessary the creation of mechanisms enabling the communication exercise between the population and public institutions, so that project implementation to the ultimate objective should be the common good approach. This paper proposes a model that seeks the communicational effectiveness between citizens and public institutions, based on a conceptualization of cohesion and social articulation from a communicational glance, considering the aspects, processes and assumptions with currently operating some Peruvian public institutions. The concept of organizational defragmentation arises, which helps to understand the gaps that keep society cohesion.
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