• La dispersión de la identidad corporativa como generadora de problemas comunicacionales y organizacionales

      Antezana Corrieri, Miguel E. (Escuela de Ciencias de la Comunicación de la Universidad Sergio Arboleda, 2017-12)
      Communicational management is a message transmitter and image generator in the different publics of society. Whether natural or juridical persons (organizations), communication necessarily starts from the existence of a common basis: identity. Corporate identity, understood as the set of business, organizational, operational and behavioral elements shared by members of an institution has to be managed, because only with this work is it acquires and generates value; That is, it fulfills its work as an intangible asset. Conversely, the absence of management allows the appearance of a frequent but not yet conceptualized phenomenon: dispersion. The present work proposes a theoretical framework around what it is, how it is generated and some forms in which the dispersion of the corporate identity is presented, situations from which a series of communicational and organizational problems are derived that, had there not been an intervention for its solution, can become structural failures that would affect both the development and the activities of the organization.
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