• Propóleo Peruano: Una nueva alternativa terapéutica antimicrobiana en Estomatología

      Mayta-Tovalino, Frank; Sacsaquispe Contreras, Sonia; Ceccarelli Calle, Juan Francisco; Alania Mallqui, Jorge; frank.mayta.t@upch.pe (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH), 2014-08-04)
      Propolis is a resinous substance complex consisting of a variety of chemical compounds (esters, flavonoids, etc.), it´s composition is not stable and varies depending on the source. In addition, one of the most important properties of propolis is its activity antibacterial, which is attributed mainly to flavonoides. Propolis has been known since ancient times and has been used by different cultures for various purposes. With the subsequent development of pharmaceutical and herbal treatments there is a resurgence in its use. It is for this reason that in recent years have done some research about the products from the bees and their potential health benefits oral. Therefore, this literature review collects the available information on properties of propolis depends on geography and the antibacterial activity propolis has applied to dentistry.
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