• Cirugía resectiva de epilepsia lesional focal: Estudio en pacientes adultos del Seguro Social del Perú.

      Barreto-Acevedo, Elliot; Villafuerte-Espinoza, Mirla; Becerra-Zegarra, Alicia; Díaz-Vásquez, Alberto; Hernández-Vizarreta, José; Llaja-Rojas, Victoria; elliotba@hotmail.com (Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, 2017-04-06)
      Objectives:To report the experience of resective surgery in a series of adult patients with lesional focal epilepsy seen in a hospital of Peru’sSocial Security system. Material and Methods:Data of the Adult Epilepsy Unit at Rebagliati Hospital in Lima, from January 2012 to October 2016 were reviewed. Information was obtained about clinical, electrographic, neuroimaging and surgical procedures of all patients with refractory lesional focal epilepsy, in whom resective epilepsy surgery was performed. Efficacy was evaluated using the Engel scale. Results: Analytic data of five patients with pertinent details regarding clinical history, diagnostic work-up, surgical procedures, follow-up and neurological and psychiatric complications, are presented and discussed. Conclusions: Resective epilepsy surgery, based on a multidisciplinary work and reported in this small first sample appears to be effective and safe in adults with refractory epilepsy seen in a Social Security facility from Peru.
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