• Síndrome de shock tóxico fulminante: reporte de un caso

      Figueroa Tarrillo, Jorge Arturo; Cerna Viacava, Renato; Linares Linares, Mariela Alejandra; Carreazo, Nilton Yhuri; u201110520@upc.edu.pe (Sociedad Mexicana de Pediatría, 2015-06)
      An 11-year-old scholar arrives in the emergency room with right-knee monoarthritis due to local trauma, fever, sensory loss, and dyspnea. He is hospitalized and receives empiric antibiotic therapy. The blood culture set is positive for Streptococcus pyogenes and the antibiotic spectrum is changed. However, the patient’s general status deteriorates, and he is admitted to the intensive care unit. Even with the treatment received, he develops septic shock and multiorganic failure, requiring hemodynamic and ventilatory support. Thirty-eight hours after his admission, the patient dies.
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