• Significados sobre el suicidio en un grupo de psicoterapeutas psicoanalíticos

      Unzueta Callirgos, Ximena (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2017-08)
      Objective. To explore the constructed meanings of suicide in a group of psychoanalytic psychotherapists from a formation center in Lima. Method. A phenomenological design from the qualitative model consisting of two stages was used. For the fi rst stage 54 psychoanalytic psychotherapists participated, and for the second stage, 8 participants from the fi rst stage who were involved with patients with suicide ideations and/or attempts were selected. The collecting techniques used were: a data sheet and natural semantic networks for the fi rst stage, and for the second, a detailed interview. Results. The psychotherapists evoke diverse meanings around the suicidal phenomenon, which can be organized into three axis; the patients, the therapist and their countertransference, and the treatment. Conclusion. The meanings are constructed with a foundation of individual experiences, so that countertransference is a psychoanalytical concept that allows for the comprehension of the dynamic between suicidal patients and their therapists, and how it infl uences the creation of mutual meanings. Likewise, the psychotherapists employ the meanings as a manner of giving signifi cance to and comprehending suicide. Keywords. Suicide, psychotherapy, countertransference.
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