• Validez y confiabilidad de escala de afecto positivo y negativo (SPANAS) en estudiantes universitarios peruanos

      Gargurevich, Rafael; Matos, Lennia; rafael.gargurevich@gmail.com (Universidad César Vallejo (UCV), 2014-08-13)
      It was studied the construct validity and the reliability of the SPANAS scale in two samples of university students from Lima. Through many confirmatory factorial analyses (AFC) it was evaluated the adjustment of three competing models (one factor, two correlated factors and two orthogonal factors). This procedure was replicated in the two samples of universitary students. After the validity and reliability analysis were done, it was found that the two correlated factors model was better to represent the scale in both samples. Furthermore, the Positive and Negative Affect Scale proved to be reliable. In this way we have evidence of the presence of two factors which represent the positive and negative affection.
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