• Trauma resiliencia: niños con esperiencia de vida en la calle

      Alcalde, Áurea; Alcalde, María Julia; Palacios Banchero, Alejandra (Academia Peruana de Psicología, 2011-11)
      A sample of 20 male children between 12 and 13 years old, with irregular basic education, recently checked in an orphans house in Lima, -after a long time in street situation- was evaluated by the Rorschach Test with the Comprehensive System method. The assessment was directed to detect the intrapsychic characteristics, whose traumatic life experience inside their homes, leaded them to the streets. The variables selected through comprehensive system brought relevant information about the capacities associated to the construccion of the resilience in this sector of child population in risk situation, oriented to encourage behaviours and resilient attitudes towards a healthy development. The factors studied were: skills and resources, the predominant life experience style, autoperception, confidence and security; perception and experience of stimulus demands and external pressures, social skills and type of coping to adverse and conflicted situations. An attempt of articulation has been made between the obtained results through the Comprehensive System and the detection areas, intervention and Resilience promotion, according to two world known work systems, The Pillars of Resilience, actualized by Néstor Suárez Ojeda and the Sources of Resilience by Edith Grotberg: I HAVE, I AM, I CAN.
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