• Estudio de la relación entre el crecimiento económico y pobreza en el Perú durante el periodo 2001 -2016

      Meneses Valdez, Sergio Roberto (Escuela de Postgrado Neumann Business School (Perú), 2017-12)
      The present study defines the concepts of Economic Growth and Poverty. The main objective of the study is to identify the relationship between these macroeconomic variables in Peru during the period 2001-2016. During the process of analysis of the variables, the evolution of Economic Growth and Poverty is described. The methodology used is descriptive and correlational, the source of data for the study was obtained from the INEI, the variables used were PBI. PBI pc and Poverty. Product of the study carried out determines the significant link that economic growth has in the reduction of poverty. Finally, it is determined that sustained economic growth in the country is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the eradication of poverty.
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