• Dynamic Amplification Factor Proposal for Seismic Resistant Design of Tall Buildings with Rigid Core Structural System

      Quezada, Eder; Serrano, Yaneth; Huaco, Guillermo (2021-01-01)
      Currently, there is an increase in the demand for tall buildings in the city of Lima. This research proposes to reduce the dynamic amplification factor through the seismic design of tall buildings based on the requirements of Peruvian code considering that they are regular in plan and height. Minimum base shear values according to the comparison of static seismic shear and dynamic shear from the spectral modal analysis were reviewed for cases of buildings larger than 120 m. The study of 28 reinforced concrete buildings was proposed, with different heights - varying from 24 to 36 floors, with different floor configurations, as well as the arrangement of the walls considering as a rigid core structural system. Additionally, the characteristics of the materials, the loads and combinations were defined. The responses of these buildings were determined by the response spectrum analysis (RSA) and then compared with those obtained by the lineal response history analysis (LRHA), for the last analysis, five Peruvian seismic records were used and scaled to 0.45 g. The seismic responses of the LRHA procedure were taken as a benchmark. The result of this study is the analysis and proposal of the C/R factor for high-rise buildings, as well as obtaining the base shear and drift verification. Minimum base shear values can be reduced for high or long-term buildings, being regular in plan and height.
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