• Comparative Analysis of the Total Scour in the Pillars and Abutments of a Bridge, between a 1D and 2D Model

      Perez, Dario Rodriguez; Yataco Manrique, Geraldine; Hurtado, Sissi Santos (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020-09-30)
      In this article, a comparative analysis is performed between one-dimensional (HEC-RAS) and two-dimensional (IBER) models, in the evaluation of total scour in the pillars and abutments of a bridge. The case study is the Huallaga bridge, located in the San Martín region, Peru.Based on the geomorphological, hydrological and hydraulic data of the study area and after carrying out an analysis of the different equations for local, general scour; Numerical modeling was performed on the HEC-RAS and IBER software in order to calculate the depths of the scour.The following results were obtained: That in the local scour calculations, the scour depths were less with the 2D software, compared to the values obtained in the 1D software; while in general scour calculations, we obtain greater depths when modeling with 2D software, compared to the values obtained in 1D software
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