• Evaluation of the Influence of Different Grades of Reinforcing Steel on the Seismic Performance of Concrete reinforced Frame Structures with Nonlinear Static Analysis

      Navarro, D.; Valero, R.; Orihuela, J. (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2021-02-04)
      In this investigation, the elasto-plastic behavior and the seismic performance of concrete reinforced frame structures reinforced are evaluated by applying the Pushover method. This evaluation is done on several cases: with high ductility steel (Grade 40), conventional steel (Grade 60) and high strength steel (Grade 75). For the previous, the capacity curve graph obtained from the displacement coefficient method was used to measure the capacity of the structure. In addition, the performance of the structure for different levels of seismic design are evaluated with the resulting values of ductility and rigidity of each case. The results showed that reinforcing a structure with a Grade 40 reinforcing steel increases the energy dissipation capacity, and if reinforced with a Grade 75 reinforcing steel increases the strength capacity in the structure. Finally, the comparative result of the various cases are presented to demonstrate the influence of reinforcing steel on the plastic behavior of concrete reinforced frame structures.
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