• Analysis of seismic bidirectionality on response of reinforced concrete structures with irregularities of l-shaped plan and soft story

      Sobrado, V. H.; Yaranga, R.; Orihuela, J. D. (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2020-09-22)
      The seismic design of buildings is usually performed using one-way analysis for each of main axes independently. However, seismic events have fairly random behaviour and impose bidirectional solicitations on structures. In this work, the study of the response in structures subjects to earthquake loads with irregularity of l-shaped plan and soft story is carried out. For this, the linear time-story analysis (LTHA) of these has been carried out imposing seismic solicitations in two orthogonal directions. Thus, the structural response with incidence angle variations of 10 is obtained and compared with the response derived from the unidirectional analysis. Variations of up to 50% and 72% are obtained for model structures with l-shaped plan and soft story respectively.
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    • Correction coefficients of distortion and vibration period for buildings due to soil-structure interaction

      Ticona, A. M.; Rosales, M. A.; Orihuela, J. D. (OP Publishing Ltd, 2020-09-22)
      The present research analyzed the influence of the soil structure interaction (SSI) in buildings, varying geotechnical parameters and height, considering 3 international codes. The responses obtained from the structures taking into account the SSI, were compared with the responses of fixed-base buildings, being the main control variables: the period and the drift. It was determined that the estimated range in which the period of the structure increases is from 30 to 98%, demonstrating the influence of considering soil flexibility. Due to the variability of the responses obtained, an adjustment factor is proposed to predict said amplification of the control variables, depending on the height of the building and the ground.
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