• Use of Data Acquisition Technologies to Optimize Construction Progress Monitoring Times in Residential Buildings

      Aronés, Marisol; Mendoza, Andrea; Rodriguez, Sandra; Ramirez, Humberto (2021-01-01)
      The monitoring systems that are currently used as part of the management of construction projects consist of collecting the field information, documenting it manually and then digitizing it. Those responsible for carrying out the reports through this procedure dedicate between 28% and 41% of their time daily for their preparation. This traditional process is slow and inefficient because the information is dispersed in different documents, so data can be omitted, causing that no corrective actions are taken in a timely manner. Likewise, the construction sector has little use of technological resources, and therefore, there is no automated process, which makes it difficult to monitor construction projects in an efficient way. In this sense, this research establishes the optimization of the control procedure through the use of a data acquisition tool to reduce the man-hours used in advance control. With the application of this proposal, the hours spent by the personnel involved in project management were reduced by 30%.
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