• Admissible height and urban density of buildings for the Prospective Management of Seismic Risk in residential areas

      Herrera, Fabiola; Mamani, Flaby; Arana, Victor (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020-09-30)
      This research proposes limit values of height and population density of buildings for a Prospective Management of Seismic Risk in residential areas. The analysis of an efficient evacuation of buildings to the street or refuge area was carried out, evaluating human behavior with models based on the agent, the influence of buildings and the urban parameters of the city with three-dimensional models (BIM) for a severe seismic scenario. The present article establishes that the maximum permissible height of buildings projected in a residential avenue is directly related to the width of the available refuge zone to guarantee the correct evacuation of said zone during a severe seismic event. In addition, an evaluation of a real existing scenario is made in a section of a residential avenue.
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