• Mechanical behavior direct shear a volcanic sand reinforced with polypropylene fiber and cement

      Maurizio, Cabrera Barrionuevo; Aguilar Jean Pierre, Dominguez; Lidia, Pacheco Miranda (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020-09-30)
      This article describes consolidated Direct Cut tests not drained in the laboratory, carried out on samples of volcanic sand from Arequipa, Peru. The samples were tested for maximum dry density and optimal moisture content; Furthermore, they were reinforced with polypropylene fibers and cement. The samples were reinforced with 0.5% cement with respect to the dry weight of the sample soil and tested at 3 days. The added polypropylene fiber has dimensions of 48 mm wide with 1.2855 mm long and 0.3325 mm thick, and they were used in different percentages regarding the dry weight of the soil sample (0.25% -0.75% -1.00% -1.25%). The results of the tests indicated that the addition of polypropylene fibers together with the cement increases the resistance to cut proportionally to the amount of fiber up to 1% of fiber, this being the best result obtained, decreasing the resistance as the percentage of polypropylene fiber.
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