• Factores asociados a la no utilización de los servicios formales de prestación en salud en la población peruana: análisis de la Encuesta Nacional de Hogares (ENAHO) 2015

      Benites Zapata, Vicente A.; Lozada-Urbano, Michelle; Diego Urrunaga-Pastor; Márquez-Bobadilla, Edith; Moncada-Mapelli, Enrique; Mezones Holguín, Edward (Instituto Nacional de Salud (INS), 2017-09)
      The aim of the study was to estimate the prevalence of non-use of health services (NUHS) and its associated factors using the National Household Survey (ENAHO 2015). The participants were defined as NUHS if they have presented any symptoms, discomfort, illness, relapse of chronic illness or accident during the last month and did not go to the health services. 35036 participants were analyzed; the prevalence of NUHS was 53,9%. NUHS was higher in the coastal region (adjusted Prevalence Ratio [aPR]=1.24;95%CI:1.17-1.31), highlands (aPR=1.38;95%CI:1.31-1.46) and jungle (aPR=1.25,95%CI:1.18-1.33) compared to Lima. Likewise, there were a higher prevalence of NUHS in participants without health insurance (aPR=1.59;95%CI:1.52-1.66) and those affiliated to Ministry of Health insurance (aPR=1.16;95%CI:1.11-1.22) compared to those affiliated to Social Security. More than half of the participants suffered from NUHS, which was associated with geographical and health system conditions. It is required evidenced-informed public policies to improve this situation.
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