• Lung Cancer in Peru

      Ruiz, Rossana; Galvez-Nino, Marco; Poquioma, Ebert; Limache-García, Abel; Amorin, Edgar; Olivera, Mivael; Valdiviezo, Natalia; Trejo, Juan M.; Heredia, Adela; Sarria, Gustavo; Aguilar, Alfredo; Raez, Luis; Neciosup, Silvia P.; Gomez, Henry L.; Payet, Eduardo; Mas, Luis (Elsevier Inc, 2020-06-01)
      Peru is a South American nation with a growing and aging population of 31 million people with a life expectancy at birth of 76.7 years. The country is divided into 25 regions, 79% of the population is urban, and Lima, the capital, concentrates more than a third of the population.1 Although Peru is an upper-middle-income country, health expenditure represents only 5.1% of the gross domestic product, which is lower than the average of Latin America and the Caribbean (LATAM) (8.56%).2 Out-of-pocket health expenditure is 30.9%.3 Peru has a comprehensive National Cancer Plan and two population-based cancer registries in Lima and Arequipa.
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