• Efecto de la aplicación de un programa de gimnasia laboral para reducir la prevalencia de cervicalgia en estudiantes de odontología

      Gonzales Muente, Ana María; Meneses Espejo, Yuliana; Gonzales Lozano, Ricardo Iván; Mayta-Tristan, Percy; gonzalesmuenteam@gmail.com (iMedPub Journals, 2014-10-23)
      The neck pain (Cervicalgia) is an occupational health problem in dentists and is present from the practices of undergraduate. A quasiexperimental study was conducted to evaluate the effect of a workplace gymnastics exercise program for all students in the fourth year of a dental school in Lima to reduce the prevalence of neck pain. The program lasted six weeks, consisted of two talks to perform stretching gymnastics exercises for 5 minutes 3 times per day and a daily reminder by text message. 31 students were assessed at the beginning and end of the intervention, 13/31 they said they had not done the exercises. It was found that the prevalence of neck in the previous 4 weeks was reduced from 90,3 % to 71,0 % (p = 0,034) and the intensity of pain was reduced from 5,4 to 3,6 (p = 0,009). The program was shown to reduce neck pain, future interventions should seek alternatives to increase adherence.
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    • Lima y sus barreras arquitectónicas para los discapacitados

      Meneses Espejo, Yuliana.; Gonzales Muente, Ana María; u911001@upc.edu.pe (Elsevier B.V., 2014-11-19)
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