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    • Brandalism and social protest: interactions and digital identities around vandal advertising

      Guerra, José Miguel; Yalán-Dongo, Eduardo (Universidad de Chile, 2022-01-01)
      Brandalism or subvertising refers to the advertising discourse that adopts anti-consumerism positions to make a social critique. Considering the context of social protest during the pandemic, we investigated discourses forms of brandalism through the digital platform Facebook. Therefore, this article analyzes the interactions of political consumers in relation to the themes of brandalism of the Malditos Publicistas account on Facebook (@Malditospublicistas) in the context of the protests against the government of Manuel Merino during 2020, in Peru. Based on the case study from a sociosemiotic perspective, we identified thematic axes comprised in the ethical-political relationship of the brandalist discourse, as well as digital interactions that we categorized as "lurkers", "spectators", "activists", and "publishers". The results indicate a greater participation of lurkers and publishers reactive to ethical discourses than activists who favor the political agency of the discourse.
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    • Educational policies in response to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus in Latin America: An integrative documentary review

      Suyo-Vega, Josefina Amanda; Meneses-La-Riva, Monica Elisa; Fernández-Bedoya, Víctor Hugo; Alarcón-Martínez, Maricela; Ocupa-Cabrera, Hitler Giovanni; Alvarado-Suyo, Sofía Almendra; Polonia, Ana da Costa; Miotto, Angélica Inês (Frontiers Media S.A., 2022-08-01)
      Educational policies in the face of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus took an unexpected turn in Latin America. Virtuality constituted a key opportunity for the continuity of basic fundamental services in the citizen’s right to education. The objective of this research was to analyze the educational public policies adopted by governments in Latin America in the face of the pandemic. The methodology was an integrative documentary review of the main international organizations whose documents provided relevant information on the actions to be implemented in fourteen Latin American countries. The results obtained show that the priority was to reestablish the continuity of educational services using mass communication resources, such as radio, television, digital platforms, making visible the inequity in the access to the Internet at home. It was also identified a deficiency in the competencies and digital resources of the educational community, dis-crimination and inclusion of people with some type of disability or different languages, especially in urban or rural areas because they do not have technological means. It was concluded that the educational policies in Latin America proposed during the COVID-19 period were designed with-out a real situational diagnosis in each country, to meet the demands of urban and rural areas in an equitable manner with the will of governments, providing budgets and resources that benefit the educational community, as an achievement of state policies.
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    • The millennial consumer's perception of digital messages from the banking sector during the pandemic

      de la Vega, Andrea; Arbaiza, Francisco (IEEE Computer Society, 2022-01-01)
      During the pandemic, brands have seen the need to create messages with greater authenticity in order to become closer and be more relevant to the consumer. Thus, advertisements on digital platforms during the COVID-19 crisis came to modify their essence and structure, telling stories that involved the subject more and making him the protagonist of the message. Some authors have catalogued this restructuring of the advertising discourse during the crisis as Advertcrisis: a creative line that uses the crisis itself to elaborate messages that promote products and services. There are several categories that have used this formula -such as the banking category-, which used the crisis as a creative line to develop its discourse. For this reason, many messages focused on highlighting concepts such as union, progress or improvement. The objective of this study was to analyze, through in-depth interviews, the perception of men and women about the digital messages that some brands of the banking category developed during the first months of the pandemic. It has been observed how the participants of this research have had a negative perception of these many of the virtual strategies, since these have only been limited to emit empty emotional messages, unrelated to the real problems they were going through.
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    • Mental Health Projects for University Students: A Systematic Review of the Scientific Literature Available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish

      Suyo-Vega, Josefina Amanda; Meneses-La-Riva, Monica Elisa; Fernández-Bedoya, Víctor Hugo; Polonia, Ana da Costa; Miotto, Angélica Inês; Alvarado-Suyo, Sofía Almendra; Ocupa-Cabrera, Hitler Giovanni; Alarcón-Martínez, Maricela (Frontiers Media S.A., 2022-07-11)
      The mental health of college students has been the source of research, projects, and public policies involving education, health, and psychology professionals. Having as its axis the study of mental health and the phenomenon of psychological illness, this systematic review aims to characterize mental health programs directed to college students, as well as the forms of interventions offered to reduce the incidence of psychological disorders. From the proposal, a survey was conducted in the databases Scopus, Lilacs, and the repository Alicia, in the period between 2010 and 2021, choosing the search phrase “Programas de saúde mental para universitários” in Portuguese, “Mental health projects for university students” in English, and “Proyectos en salud mental para estudiantes universitarios” in Spanish. The research areas spanned humanities and social sciences, with peer-reviewed and open access articles. The questions that instigated the study were as follows: What are the mental health problems affecting college students? What type of strategy has been adopted to map the demands of university students in relation to mental illness? How can the university space reorganize itself to work on interventional-preventive aspects, according to the studies? Initially, 740 203 articles were obtained, and after sifting through 13 productions, using the PRISMA systematization. Despite several research interrelating mental health and university space, most were dedicated to data collection, using questionnaires, inventories, and scales, standardized and non-standardized. Only three studies described intervention projects and programs to reduce the problems of psychological distress in college students. Unanimously, the investigations emphasize the need for monitoring the higher education population regarding mental health and, in parallel, the implementation of institutional public policies to meet the students' demands and reduce the rates of problems in the educational field.
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    • The Role of a Chabot Personality in the Attitude of Consumers Towards a Banking Brand

      Palomino-Navarro, Natalia; Arbaiza, Francisco (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      In recent years, it has been seen that brands have opted to implement chatbots as part of their digital customer service channels, especially since they can be hosted on social networks such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Although the use of this has become widespread, users perceive them as inefficient and of little credibility. The design of the personality of a chatbot arises as an alternative for the brand to generate a more human interaction with the user and show its brand values to generate a positive experience. In addition, a projected growth of the business value of chatbots for brands of 3.9 trillion dollars is estimated by 2022. For this reason, knowing how brands can rely on the correct implementation of the personality of a chatbot creating a positive influence on its users is important in a growing industry. The present research seeks to know how the personality of the chatbot influences the formation of consumer attitudes towards a brand. This exploratory study used a qualitative methodology of phenomenological design with young adults from Lima. Subsequently, it was analyzed through descriptive coding. It was found that the social dynamics, the social role and the physique of the chatbot are the aspects that influence the attitude towards the brand and generate a feeling of trust and closeness between the chatbot and the brand.
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    • The Brand-Cause Fit in the Advertising Campaign for Sprite’s #YouAreNotAlone

      Cachay-Marín, Claudia; Arbaiza, Francisco; Gallardo-Echenique, Eliana (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      Several authors have determined concepts related to the inclusion of social problems in advertising. One of them is brand-cause fit, which refers to the condition in which a brand and a social problem—with which the target audience feels identified—are conceptually united in a single communication proposal. The purpose of this study was to analyze how university students perceive the brand-cause fit as a communication strategy in Sprite's “You Are Not Alone” campaign. A qualitative methodology was adopted and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 24 university students of which 12 belonged to the LGBT community and 12 were heterosexual. The participants positively perceived the brand-cause fit used as an advertising strategy in Sprite's campaign. Not only do they value the fact that brands include social issues and problems in their communication, but they also claim that it is the brands’ responsibility to do so.
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    • The use of virtual reality as an advertising tool for brand experience in Peru

      Espinoza-Nieves, Javier; Arbaiza, Francisco (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      Recently, the advertising industry has implemented new methods to improve the relationship between brands and their consumers. To understand how to achieve this effect in a positive way, several studies have turned to the examination of advertising actions aimed at boosting brand experience. However, there are few studies that deepen the knowledge of the importance of creating brand experiences through innovative communication technologies such as virtual reality (VR). The present research explores how the use of VR in advertising helps in the generation of brand experiences. A qualitative methodology of phenomenological design was used with advertising professionals in the city of Lima. In addition, the exploratory scope of the analysis followed a descriptive coding process. It was evidenced that the properties of VR, such as immersion, presence, and its sensory capabilities are crucial to promote brand experiences with greater intensity. This category of virtual brand experiences influences brand image, affects purchase intentions and, above all, builds brand loyalty.
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    • Gender role stereotypes as an ethical resource in the peruvian advertising discourse

      Carbajal-Obando, Ninowska Camila; Mezarina, Melina; Gallardo-Echenique, Eliana (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      The most renowned brands worldwide incorporate initiatives in their business approach that seek equality between genders in society. Nonetheless, brands in their advertising campaigns, gender remains stereotyped in the roles men and women play, which can be considered harmful to society and therefore unethical. Such discrepancy appears even in the same intervention generated by advertising specialists who define and design the communication of these brands. Therefore, this study seeks to identify the arguments used by Peruvian advertising professionals to justify the use of gender role stereotypes within the advertising discourse from an ethical perspective. A qualitative approach was selected as the research method for this study. In-depth interviews with 16 professional advertisers from different areas in charge of producing this type of communication. The lack of knowledge about the actual dimension of the harmful gender stereotypes impeded a debate to leave without arguments to those who believe that the use of stereotypes is ethical. Professional advertisers have lost part of the necessary connection with ethics and find it hard to deal with these dilemmas because they do not identify the damage caused by gender role stereotypes in society.
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    • The attitude of university students about advertising on Facebook in the category of clothing and accessories

      Bravo, Karina García; Arbaiza, Francisco (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      In recent years, the increase in social networks has led consumers to spend a lot of time online, getting a lot of information about different products and services that are of interest to them. It is in this context that companies have reoriented their strategies, in order to use social networks as a new means of advertising communication. There are different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; however, Facebook is one of the social networks that has taken great strength in recent years and companies have had to direct their advertising communications towards this medium. There is research that focuses on consumer attitudes towards advertising on Facebook. However, we found little literature that addresses this same issue focusing on the young consumer and a specific product category. In this context, this exploratory study focuses on understanding young women’s attitudes towards advertising in the clothing and accessories category presented on Facebook. To this end, fourteen interviews were conducted with university students in the city of Lima, selected on the basis of convenience sampling, which revealed that despite the fact that young university women have other social networks, they still use Facebook and show a positive attitude towards advertising on Facebook as long as the advertising is not invasive, entertains them, has relevant information, uses images that generate affinity with them and contains attractive messages according to their age.
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    • Chicha music as an advertising resource to arouse emotions in the consumer

      Duran-Palomino, Ana Kelly; Arbaiza, Francisco; Gallardo-Echenique, Eliana (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      This study aims to analyze the emotions aroused by tropical Andean music—popularly known as chicha—present in the advertising of a well-known beverage brand in university students. The power music exerts in advertising is already commonly known as well as how it can intensify the effect of the message and trigger an emotional reaction in the consumer. This Peruvian musical genre is usually closely related to Peruvian identity and attributes of its population such as racial and cultural intermixing, creativity and self-improvement. In recent years, this sound resource has been established in the commercial communication of Peruvian brands aimed at the modern neo-Limenian; many of them descendants of migrants, proud of their origin and culture. This study is qualitative with a phenomenological approach. Through 16 interviews, the study shows how the presence of this musical genre can arouse positive emotions in the sample. In addition, the choice of music has to be coherent with the narrative structure of the advertising message to ensure optimal emotions.
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    • Employer branding on social media to engage Generation Z

      Carbajal-Cribillero, Meredhit; Javier-Niño, Gabriela; Mäckelmann, Mathias; Gallardo-Echenique, Eliana (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      Organizations compete to attract and retain top talent and differentiate themselves from their competitors; they work on employer branding strategies. This study analyzed how organizations should communicate their employer brand in social media to attract Generation Z talent. This is a qualitative research with a phenomenology design. The research technique used was the semi-structured interview. Twenty university students and graduates of business or engineering schools were interviewed; they participated on a voluntary basis. This study reveals that participants apply to an organization for the following reasons: salary, work environment, reputation, benefits, and career path. Regarding social media, the interviewees’ favorites are LinkedIn and Instagram. In relation to social media content, companies should keep in mind that Generation Z not only wants to see job offers but also to learn more about them, specifically their characteristics, as this will increase their desire to become a part of them, and in some cases, may even be decisive in accepting an offer.
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    • Independent films and streaming platforms: access difficulties for peruvian filmmakers

      Mateo, Jazmin; Gomero, Giancarlo (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has created an uncertain scenario for independent films, forcing them to explore other exhibition opportunities and having streaming as the protagonist. In this context, identifying the access gaps that Peruvian cinema have for entering the international market in a digital environment is a topic of current interest. This article aims to identify the difficulties encountered by Peruvian independent films in order to enter the main platforms (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, among others). The methodology used is based on semi-structured interviews conducted to Peruvian filmmakers who have had the experience of having their films via streaming. In order to understand better the object of study, an in-depth interview was conducted to the General Management of Guarango Cine y Video, which is a production studio specialized in post-production, delivery and preparation of films for digital platform. For analyzing the results, there is a classification proposal of difficulties: technical, economical, production and socio-cultural. These four categories and their effect on film circulation are the central axis of this research. The most important findings of the research suggest that economic issues and the lack of knowledge or planning in terms of distribution possibilities are the main and transversal difficulties encountered by independent Peruvian filmmakers to exhibit on streaming platforms.
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    • The narrative within the interactive documentary for the reconstruction of memory: enforced disappearances in Latin America

      Borja, Lupe Martinez; Casquino, Yasmín Sayán (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      The exposure of social problems such as forced disappearances is necessary for the history of society. The interactive documentary is a new digital proposal for the creation of spaces for the reconstruction of a social memory. In this paper, a content analysis is used to analyze the construction of the interactive narrative for the reconstruction of memory in the webdoc Forensic Landscapes and, with this, to identify its narrative composition in the construction of new spaces for the user’s experience. The interactive documentary generates a shared feeling between the user and the interface due to resources such as hypertextuality, database, narrative elements, representation modalities and interactivity. Thus, immersion is adhered, a new way of exposing a social theme in 360 degrees which recreates a sensory experience within an imaginary universe. Through the story, the memory of the agents involved in forced disappearances in Latin America is reconstructed.
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    • Digital transformation in the distribution and exhibition channels of auteur cinema

      Curi, Jimmy Trevejo; Casquino, Yasmin Sayán (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      Peruvian auteur cinema has faced problems of distribution and cinematographic exhibition in the windows of massive scope. Most of the exhibition windows have been monopolized by big Hollywood productions. Currently, the mandatory confinement due to COVID-19 has accelerated and materialized a digital transformation process that was under development. That is why the main objective of the research seeks to analyze how the digital transformation in the distribution and exhibition channels contributes to Peruvian auteur cinema. In order to carry out this objective, an interpretative research was conducted with a qualitative data methodology. The selected categories were: auteur cinema, digital transformation and distribution and exhibition channels. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with specialists in marketing and film production. In conclusion, from the perspective of the specialists, it is indicated that such transformation allows opening markets and serving audiences that were historically neglected before. Finally, there was a lack of specialization in the different areas of distribution and audience development, demonstrating the importance of the participation of professionals specialized in marketing to lead these processes. © 2022, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
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    • Beyond the wound and oblivion: the voz memoriosa and its narrative in two Radio Ucamara documentaries

      García, Andrea Cabel (Universidad de los Andes, Bogota Colombia, 2022-01-01)
      In this research, we use an interdisciplinary approach to analyze the narrative of Radio Ucamara in order to render visible the material and spiritual consequences of the largest oil spill of the first decade of the 2000s in Peru. To do so, I analyze two documentaries: Consuelen a mi pueblo. Cuninico, dos años después (14' 37"), and Daños a la espiritualidad kukama (11' 40"). They show their forms of resistance and denunciation through what we call a voz memoriosa. This conceptual metaphor is characterized by intersecting their own social practices (songs, icaros, and stories) with official narratives (the chronology of the spill, the tallying of material damage, and extracts from trials). Thus, their way of presenting the consequences of the spill and of representing themselves in relation to them is not only cross-cultural, but also highly metaphorical. I chose to apply a qualitative approach based on ten extensive, in-depth, semi-structured telephone interviews and by instant messaging with Leonardo Tello, director of Radio Ucamara, from May 2020 to June 2021. The analysis and the theoretical concept reveal that documentaries are part of their social practices insofar as they involve community members and the non-human subjectivities with whom they relate. Thus, they, on their own terms, manage to interweave Western perspectives of linear (cause-consequence) remembrance with their polyphonic remembrance of organic aesthetics. The concept that I propose allows us to broaden Ginsburg’s use and understanding of organic aesthetics. The study also offers an analysis of the way in which those affected describe the consequences that environmental pollution brings directly upon their spirituality.
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    • Códigos Emergentes de "Dadvertising": Representaciones Paternas con Enfoque Equitativo

      Morales Vivanco, Verónica; Gallardo-Echenique, Eliana Esther (Universidad de Sevilla, 2022-01)
      Este estudio analizó los códigos de dadvertising asociados a la equidad de género. El dadvertising es un tipo de publicidad paternal que promueve representaciones cercanas y multifacéticas de los hombres en su rol de padres dentro del hogar. Al ser una tendencia emergente, no hay suficientes estudios enfocados en construir mensajes publicitarios empáticos e inclusivos dirigido a los padres. Se adoptó una metodología cualitativa para analizar el spot “Más tiempo para crecer” de la marca bancaria Interbank. Se realizaron entrevistas semiestructuradas a 15 padres de familia de 25 a 39 años de edad. Como resultado, los códigos de dadvertising asociados a la equidad de género en el spot son: protección, satisfacción, compañerismo, empoderamiento emocional, valores de equidad, expresión emocional y equilibrio trabajo-familia. Estos códigos contribuyen a la construcción de un discurso publicitario alejado de estereotipos tradicionales, para generar una identificación y actitud positiva de marca con los padres de familia.
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    • Micro-learning Platforms Brand Awareness Using Socialmedia Marketing and Customer Brand Engagement

      Mujica, Alejandro; Villanueva, Esteban; Lodeiros-Zubiria, Manuel Luis (International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE), 2021-09-06)
      This study aims to analyse the impact of Social Media Marketing in Customer Brand Engagement and Brand Awareness micro-learning platforms. The sample consisted of 220 students from micro-learning platforms using social media in the educational institutions. Because social-media marketing and customer brand- engagement are second-order reflexive constructions, the two-stage approach of hierarchical models with mode-A was adopted. The results reveal that social media marketing influences both the building of customer brand engagement and brand awareness among students on micro-learning platforms. Furthermore, it was shown that customer brand engagement is an important mediator between social media marketing and brand awareness. Social-media marketing activities carried out by micro-learning platforms contribute to the generation of customer brand-engagement and brand awareness of these institutions. Furthermore, the results show that, although social-media marketing helps to generate brand-awareness, it is through customer brand-engagement that social-media marketing is most effective in generating brand-awareness. For micro-learning platforms, the results allow them to understand the importance of customer brand-engagement when using social-media marketing to generate brand-awareness.
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    • Twitter and Politics: An Analysis of the Account of Former Peruvian President @MartinVizcarraC Before and During the Pandemic

      Arbaiza, Francisco; Atarama-Rojas, Tomás; Atarama-Rojas, Ricardo (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      This research addresses the dynamics that developed on the official Twitter account of Peru’s former president, Martín Vizcarra, before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the analysis, four trends crucial to political activity via Twitter are explored. These are the predominance of the emotional and affective component, the growing influence of fake news, deepening polarization that prevents dialogue, and the use of the platform as an information window. Results show that the pandemic effected a change in the account’s dynamics and audience participation: posting frequency on the @MartinVizcarraC account decreased, but Twitter users’ engagement more than doubled compared with the pre-pandemic period. In addition, the account strongly tended toward predominance of the emotional and affective component and informative value was the second most relevant topic for Vizcarra’s account. The communication of @MartinVizcarraC was unidirectional, focusing on the dissemination of content and avoiding conversation.
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    • Web Experience Effects on Online Purchase Intention by Millennials on Retail Websites in Lima Metropolitan: An Application with Regression Analysis

      Briceño Yañez, Stephanie Matilde; Cabezas Navarro, Alexandra; Talledo Flores, Hernán (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      The current context shows an increase in the attraction to online purchases on retail websites. Hence, there is a change in the behavior of millennial users and the factors that seek their purchase intention. Therefore, the objective of this study is to analyze the effect of WE factors (usability, interactivity, trust and aesthetics) on the OPI of users on retail websites, specifically in the clothing category, in Lima Metropolitan. The study’s findings would aid retailers in designing more effective websites. From 486 questionnaires distributed to millennials in Lima Metropolitan, 400 effective responses were obtained. Likewise, non-probability sampling was used with a convenience sampling technique. The collected data was processed using SPSS. Cronbach’s Alpha was used to check the reliability of the scales. An exploratory factor analysis was performed for data reduction that allowed exploring the variables under study. Finally, a multiple linear regression was performed to determine the relationship structure between the variables. The results show that usability, interactivity, trust and aesthetics are the WE factors that positively and significantly affect online purchase intention in millennial users in Lima Metropolitan. 4 hypotheses were proposed which were fully accepted. This research shares relevant information about the effects of WE factors on OPI. It expands the knowledge regarding the importance of effective website design by integrating the most relevant factors such as usability, interactivity, trust and aesthetics to improve the WE.
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    • Perceived Quality, Brand Image and Brand Loyalty in the Purchase Intent of Smartphones in College Students

      Zaharia Seinfeld, Daniela; Talledo Flores, Hernán (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      This research seeks to examine the relationship between perceived quality, brand loyalty and brand image with respect to the purchase intent in an audience of young Lima college students who are between 17 and 24 years old. As a result, it was obtained that brand loyalty and image are fundamental to generate a purchase intent in this public; however, Perceived Quality as an influencing factor of purchase intent was eliminated and Brand Confidence was added, since a relationship with the dependent variable was found. In the same way, 261 surveys were conducted with the target audience through an online questionnaire. The study developed was quantitative correlational, focusing on non-probabilistic convenience sampling. To obtain the results, there were made two Confirmatory Factor Analysis, an Exploratory Factor Analysis and a Monotonic Regression, in addition to performing two times the Cronbach’s Alpha and using the item-Factor correlation to eliminate the least influential indicators.
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