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  • The Role of a Chatbot Personality in the Attitude of Consumers Towards a Banking Brand

    Palomino, Natalia; Arbaiza, Francisco (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2023-01-01)
    In the recent years, it has been seen that brands have opted to implement chatbots as part of their digital customer service channels, especially since they can be hosted on social networks such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Although the use of this has become widespread, users perceive them as inefficient and of little credibility. The design of the personality of a chatbot arises as an alternative for the brand to generate a more human interaction with the user and show its brand values to generate a positive experience. In addition, a projected growth of the business value of chatbots for brands of 3.9 trillion dollars is estimated by 2022. For this reason, knowing how brands can rely on the correct implementation of the personality of a chatbot creating a positive influence on its users is important in a growing industry. The present research seeks to know how the personality of the chatbot influences the formation of consumer attitudes towards a brand. This exploratory study used a qualitative methodology of phenomenological design with young adults from Lima. Subsequently, it was analysed through descriptive coding. It was found that the social dynamics, the social role and the physique of the chatbot are the aspects that influence the attitude towards the brand and generate a feeling of trust and closeness between the chatbot and the brand.
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  • Representation of Afrodescendant Women in Digital Advertising. Case: Natalia Barreda as a Digital Storyteller

    Egusquiza-Bellido, Andrea; Castro-Bernardini, Maria José (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2023-01-01)
    This research approaches the characteristics of digital advertising storytelling in campaign development that representing Afro-descendant women and give space to share their social discourse. To do so, it starts from the historical analysis of the representations of Afro-descendant women and details their main stereotypes in the media. A qualitative approach was used in which 15 interviews were conducted with Afro women in Lima. The main result was that storytelling is representative when there is evidence of reliable activism, identity strengthening and intersectionality in the narrative. These characteristics construct a digital advertising storytelling that represents Afro-descendant women without stereotypes or racist prejudices.
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  • Beyond online sales: From service quality to e-loyalty and word of mouth

    Acosta Morey, Karla; Chávez Aguilar, Andrea; Mauricio Andía, Martín (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2023-01-01)
    The purpose of this research is to demonstrate how service quality is an antecedent, influencing through trust and satisfaction, in electronic loyalty and word-of-mouth within e-commerce businesses. Data was collected from 300 users with e-commerce shopping experience and to test the proposed hypothesis the results were analysed using the Structural Equation Model (SEM) approach based on Partial Least Square (PLS). The results showed that service quality has a positive effect on e-satisfaction and e-trust, and these in turn influence e-loyalty and electronic word of mouth. The main contribution of this research is to expand knowledge on the relationship between service quality and word of mouth in an e-commerce environment.
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  • eWom, Trust, and Perceived Value Related to Repurchases in the e-commerce Sector of Department Stores

    Blanco-Gamero, Carolina; Acosta-Bonilla, Estephania; Lodeiros-Zubiria, Manuel Luis (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2023-01-01)
    With the exponential growth in e-commerce retail sales, a variable such as perceived value is essential to consider, to warrant a successful long-term online business. However, eWom and perceived value have not yet been deeply studied together with other variables such as trust and repurchase in e-commerce belonging to department stores. Consequently, this study aims to analyze the influence of perceived value, eWom and trust on repurchases in those e-commerces. The sample was 196 people that repurchased from department stores e-commerce in Lima, Peru. The results were analyzed on Smart Pls. The results established that trust influenced repurchase and that eWom conditioned the perceived value of e-commerce in department stores. Furthermore, the results identified relevant variables that department stores’ e-commerce areas should consider to improve consumer repurchase through their e-commerce.
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  • Innovating Journalism Education with Podcasts: A Revolutionary Teaching Tool

    Palomino-Flores, Paola; Paul, David; Cristi-Lopez, Ricardo (IEEE Computer Society, 2023-01-01)
    As digital platforms continue to rapidly replace traditional forms of media; journalism students require new skills to succeed in their future careers. This article examines the innovative use of podcasts as a teaching tool in journalism education, offering students the opportunity to develop storytelling and digital communication skills. The benefits and challenges of integrating podcasts into the curriculum are discussed, along with examples of successful podcasting projects. The importance of innovation in journalism education is emphasized to keep up with the changing media landscape. The potential of podcasts to transform journalism education and prepare students for a career in the digital age is underscored. By exploring the use of podcasts as a revolutionary teaching tool in journalism education, this paper reveals a new frontier in the field.
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  • Pattern Mining and Classification Techniques for Agriculture and Crop Simulation

    Rozas-Acurio, Javier; Zavaleta-Salazar, Sergio; Ugarte, Willy (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
    Research shows that data analysis and artificial intelligence applied to agriculture in Peru can help manage crop production and mitigate monetary losses. This work presents SmartAgro, a system based on pattern mining and classification techniques that takes information from multiple sources related to the agricultural process to extract knowledge and produce recommendations about the crop growth process. The problem we seek to mitigate with our system is the economic losses generated in Peruvian agriculture caused by poor crop planning. Our results show a high accuracy in regards to type of crop recommendation, and a knowledge base useful for agricultural planning.
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  • Peruvian Sign Language Recognition Using Recurrent Neural Networks

    Barrientos-Villalta, Geraldine Fiorella; Quiroz, Piero; Ugarte, Willy (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
    Deaf people generally face difficulties in their daily lives when they try to communicate with hearing people, this is due to the lack of sign language knowledge in the country. Deaf people have to go on their everyday lives in company of a interpreter to be able to communicate, even wanting to go to buy bread every morning becomes a challenge for them and being treated in health centers also becomes a challenge, a challenge which should not exist since they have the fundamental right to health. For that reason this paper attempts to present a system for dynamic sign recognition for Peruvian Sign Language and our main goal is to detect which model and processing technique is the most appropriate to solve this problem. So that this system can be used in deaf people everyday life and help them communicate. There have been many projects around the world trying to address this situation. However, each Sign Language is unique in its own way and, therefore, a global and complete solution is not possible. There have also been similar projects in Peru, but all of them share the same flaw of only recognizing static signs. Since sign language is not just the static signs like the alphabet, a solution which addresses also words that can be used in sentences is needed. For this a dynamic recognition is needed, and this is the system that will be presented in this paper.
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  • Content Richness, Perceived Price, and Perceived Ease of Use in Relation to the Satisfaction Level and Brand Equity in Streaming Platforms

    Dextre-Mamani, Romina; Pérez-Arce, Belén; Zubiria, Manuel Luis Lodeiros (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
    Streaming platforms have become popular in recent years, where consumers can view personalized content at any time on the device of their choice. Many brands in this market have been fighting to win more market share. It was seen how they improved their strategies based on several factors such as price, ease of use, content richness, or brand equity. Users tend to have high satisfaction with the streaming platform depending on what brand offers what they value the most. The objective of this study was to find the relationships that the variables content richness (CR), perceived price (PR), perceived ease of use (PEOU), brand equity (BE), and user satisfaction (US) have within this market. The study population was made up of subscribers of streaming platforms in Peru, in which the sample was 400 subscribers who used streaming platforms for more than 6 months. The methodology used was a PLS-SEM analysis using the SmartPLS 3 tool to answer the hypotheses raised in the study. All the scale items were measured by a 7-point Likert scale. The results from the investigation indicated that brand equity was significantly influenced by both content richness and perceived ease of use. Moreover, brand equity and user satisfaction have a high significance between them. This may be since users now value more the richness of content and ease of use on streaming platforms. However, the perceived price was not significantly predictive of brand equity, it could be because some streaming platforms offer more than one pricing plan and the perceptions disperse even more than with the other variables. Overall findings suggest reinforcing the relationships between CR and BE, since there have not been previous investigations.
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  • A Comparative Analysis on the Summarization of Legal Texts Using Transformer Models

    Núñez-Robinson, Daniel; Talavera-Montalto, Jose; Ugarte, Willy (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
    Transformer models have evolved natural language processing tasks in machine learning and set a new standard for the state of the art. Thanks to the self-attention component, these models have achieved significant improvements in text generation tasks (such as extractive and abstractive text summarization). However, research works involving text summarization and the legal domain are still in their infancy, and as such, benchmarks and a comparative analysis of these state of the art models is important for the future of text summarization of this highly specialized task. In order to contribute to these research works, the researchers propose a comparative analysis of different, fine-tuned Transformer models and datasets in order to provide a better understanding of the task at hand and the challenges ahead. The results show that Transformer models have improved upon the text summarization task, however, consistent and generalized learning is a challenge that still exists when training the models with large text dimensions. Finally, after analyzing the correlation between objective results and human opinion, the team concludes that the Recall-Oriented Understudy for Gisting Evaluation (ROUGE) [13] metrics used in the current state of the art are limited and do not reflect the precise quality of a generated summary.
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  • Web Brutalism: Assessing Usability of an Ugly Web

    Palacios, Antonio (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
    Brutalist websites are a contemporary trend that uses anti-aesthetic interface elements to create a high-impact visual product. Since the web is a communications product, this research sought to understand if the aesthetics of Brutalist sites overshadow their usability, defined as the ability of a user to effortlessly navigate through the contents of a digital interface to achieve a goal or retrieve information. Triangulation was applied to obtain a solid understanding of the problem. Consequently, three experiments were conducted on a Brutalist website using a group of thirty-one participants. First, Nielsen’s Attributes of Usability Questionnaire (NAU), a test that focuses on five key aspects of usability: learning, efficiency, memorisation, errors, and satisfaction. Second, Brooke’s System Usability Scale (SUS) test to gain deeper insight into the users’ perspective. Third, the Thinking Aloud (TA) protocol to obtain qualitative information to complement the first two experiments. After analysing the data of the NAU and SUS experiments, a numeric score was given to the perused website to objectively evaluate its usability and assign it to five categories, ranging from Deficient (E) to Excellent (A). Those results were complemented by the TA protocol. The findings highlight difficulties to retrieve information, navigation issues, and a lack of orientation. The use of an unconventional graphical user interface impacts the user experience. This study demonstrates that heuristics are necessary to develop robust interfaces and that deviating from these norms is detrimental to the user experience. The visual features of Brutalist websites, though striking, do not deliver a user-centred project.
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  • Transmedia in Higher Education. A qualitative research

    Gomero, Giancarlo; Ibáñez, Daniel Barredo; Ruiz, Javier Hernández (University of La Laguna, 2023-01-02)
    SciVal Topics Metrics Funding details Abstract Introduction: The relation between education and transmedia storytelling has been developed through diverse paths and based on different criteria, such as genre, source, temporality, and the given education level observed. The present study aims to contribute to the understanding of ongoing processes that transmedia storytelling is going through, and its space in higher education on both sides of the Atlantic. Methodology: With this goal, a structured interview was designed and validated, addressing 21 academic directors and experts in the field of communication and interactive media in higher education in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Results: The findings show a current map of transmedia storytelling in universities through the observation of its human and material resources, as well as evidencing discussions on terminological and conceptual points of view and, consequently, their instrumentalization in praxis. Discussion and Conclusions: These findings also show a progressive advance in the presence of transmedia storytelling higher education curriculums, and an academic void, pointed out by faculty members, regarding concrete training initiatives from their university centers, aimed at them as current teachers and researchers.
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  • Cross-cultural validation of 'Students' knowledge and use of digital technology during the COVID-19 pandemic' questionnaire to the Peruvian context

    Chavez-Chuquimango, Maria; Tomas-Rojas, Ambrosio; Gallardo-Echenique, Eliana (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2022-01-01)
    To obtain useful, valid, and reliable results, it is essential to carry out a cross-cultural adaptation process when using measurement instruments developed in other cultures, contexts, and populations with a different language from the original one. An instrumental study was conducted to determine the validity and reliability of the 'Students' knowledge and use of digital technology during the COVID-19 pandemic' questionnaire, developed in another context and different culture from the original one. The participants were 139 students of the Communications program of a private higher education institute in Lima, selected by non-probabilistic convenience sampling. The study presents a proposal consisting of eight factors and 56 items, as opposed to the original structure composed of seven factors and 77 items. The analyses show that the instrument is valid and reliable among the population under study.
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  • Twitter y la comunicación política en tiempos de pandemia en Perú

    Arbaiza, Francisco; Atarama-Rojas, Tomás; Atarama-Rojas, Ricardo (Associacao Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao, 2022-01-01)
    This research addresses the dynamics that developed on Twitter for the case of the five Peruvian politicians who were perceived as the most powerful in Peru in 2020, during the pandemic period: Martín Vizcarra, Walter Martos Ruiz, Manuel Merino De Lama, María Antonieta Alva and César Acuña. The results of the study show that there was a considerable increase in the publication of content and in the activity of Twitter users around the accounts of these politicians; which allows us to talk about the importance of Twitter for political communication in Peru. This work is an advance of a research project that also contemplates the qualitative assessment of the phenomena that take place on Twitter in relation to political activity.
  • Characterization of Academic Procrastination in Peruvian University Students

    Duda-Macera, Beatriz; Gallardo-Echenique, Eliana (Universidad Nacional, 2022-05-01)
    Aims. This study aimed to understand the characteristics associated with academic procrastination in engineering students at a private university in Lima. The theoretical bases were Barkley’s Theory of Executive Functions and Bandura’s Theory of Self-Efficacy. Method. A qualitative method combined with a phenomenological design was used to understand the research topic from the participant’s point of view. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with ten students who attended individual coaching sessions and tended to have low grades and procrastinate. A thematic analysis was conducted to identify, organize and recognize patterns from a deep reading of the data to understand the research topic. Results. The results show that students have not been able to incorporate study habits, which leads them to postpone their tasks. In addition, they are distracted by the use of technology and have anxiety and stress. Conclusions. Nowadays, academic procrastination is understood from a more comprehensive perspective that considers executive functioning, supported by scientific discoveries about the human brain.
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  • Green Marketing: Drivers in the Process of Buying Green Products—The Role of Green Satisfaction, Green Trust, Green WOM and Green Perceived Value

    Román-Augusto, Jose Antonio; Garrido-Lecca-Vera, Camila; Lodeiros-Zubiria, Manuel Luis; Mauricio-Andia, Martin (MDPI, 2022-09-01)
    Green marketing is currently one of the most powerful strategies in the corporate world as it responds to a growing demand for green products. Therefore, this study aims to analyse the influence of green perceived value on green trust and green satisfaction, study how both variables impact green word of mouth in turn and, at the same time, how the three variables influence green purchase intention. Data collection was carried out through a digital survey of buyers of green products. The hypotheses posed were solved with a PLS-SEM model through the Smart-PLS software. The results showed that green perceived value positively affects green trust and green satisfaction. Furthermore, green satisfaction was found to influence green trust and green WOM. Green trust also influences green WOM. Regarding the antecedents of green purchase intention, only green satisfaction and green trust showed a positive relationship. In contrast, green WOM did not show a relationship with green purchase intention. The article shows the importance of green satisfaction for green companies in achieving green purchase intention, green WOM and green trust. Green perceived value is also an important variable, as it is the trigger for the process that leads to green purchase intention.
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  • University teachers' self-perception of digital research competencies. A qualitative study conducted in Peru

    Suyo-Vega, Josefina Amanda; Meneses-La-Riva, Monica Elisa; Fernández-Bedoya, Víctor Hugo; Ocupa-Cabrera, Hitler Giovanni; Alvarado-Suyo, Sofía Almendra; da Costa Polonia, Ana; Miotto, Angélica Inês; Gago-Chávez, Johanna de Jesús Stephanie (Frontiers Media S.A., 2022-10-06)
    Previous research warns about the limitations that some university teachers in Ibero-America have in relation to digital research competencies. The objective of this research was to analyze the research competencies from the university teacher's self-perception, contrasted with the classroom evaluation. The study had a qualitative approach. Interviews were conducted via the Zoom virtual platform, and recordings (of an average of 4 h each) of classes delivered by 10 teachers with an average age of 58 years old, in charge of scientific research courses at the postgraduate level in Peruvian universities were analyzed. The instruments used included an in-depth interview guide and a checklist. The results show that university teachers perceive themselves as specialists in the area of research, however, they present limitations when transmitting knowledge during the teaching-learning process. There is evidence of a lack of pedagogy, as well as limitations in the use of digital resources and technological tools due to their resistance to change. The conclusions reveal that it is key to make teachers aware of the paradigm shift, with a teaching that includes as digital competencies: knowing how to create and manipulate data, knowing how to use programs and information systems, knowing how to socialize and collaborate in digital environments, knowing how to exercise and respect a digital citizenship, knowing how to manage knowledge assertively, and, as we propose in this paper, knowing how to be a researcher in a digital environment.
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  • Transformations in Framing and the Journalistic Production of Peruvian Television Newscasts During the covid-19 Pandemic

    Karbaum-Padilla, Gerardo (Universidad del Rosario, 2023-01-01)
    As soon as the spread of the covid-19 began, the media’s information production was affected by social distancing restrictions and journalists were exposed health hazards in an attempt to carry out their jobs. This study aims at learning about the transformations undergone by the television newscasts production in Peru, one of the most affected countries by the pandemic at a global level. Qualitative methods were applied through semi-structured interviews with journalists working during the said period, obtaining results that evince the implementation of several devices and unconventional or unsuitable television processes. This issue is cross-sectional through the three audiovisual production stages—namely, pre-production, media coverage, and post-production—a situation that has never taken place so intensely and permanently. All this leads to the conclusion that the newscasts production had to resort to the hybridization of technologies and procedures to continue performing their duties in such an unexpected and complex context.
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  • C2C e-Marketplaces and How Their Micro-Segmentation Strategies Influence Their Customers

    Castillo-Sotomayor, Sandra; Guimet-Cornejo, Nicholas; Lodeiros-Zubiria, Manuel Luis (MDPI, 2023-02-01)
    The purpose of this study is to contribute to the literature, understanding how the micro-segmentation strategies developed by the C2C e-marketplaces influence customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, trust, and brand equity by proposing a PLS-SEM model with seven hypotheses. An online questionnaire was answered by a sample of 403 people. The results were edited, coded, transformed, and finally analysed with the software Smart- PLS 3.3.7. The results confirm that the reflective model shows good reliability and validity and that six of the seven were accepted. Furthermore, micro-segmentation mostly influences customer satisfaction, followed by brand equity and trust. On the other hand, the results confirm that, apparently, customer satisfaction does not impact brand loyalty, and micro-segmentation is the more significant construct in reaching brand loyalty in the C2C e-marketplaces. It is worth noting that this research contributes to knowledge about two issues unexplored by the academia, micro-segmentation and the C2C e-marketplaces. Dataset: Dataset License: CC BY 4.0.
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  • How to Reach Green Word of Mouth through Green Trust, Green Perceived Value and Green Satisfaction

    Román-Augusto, Jose Antonio; Garrido-Lecca-Vera, Camila; Lodeiros-Zubiria, Manuel Luis; Mauricio-Andia, Martin (MDPI, 2023-02-01)
    The production and consumption of green food products have become hot topics in marketing. Companies are implementing marketing strategies such as green perceived value, green trust, and green satisfaction to guarantee green word of mouth. An online questionnaire distributed through social media was used to collect the data. The sample consists of 297 people. The 297 responses were coded and analysed with the Software Smart-PLS. The data described include the sample sociodemographic profile, the descriptive analysis of all items, the reliability and validity of the measures of the reflective model and the evaluation of the results of the structural model. Four hypotheses included in the PLS-SEM proposed were validated for a p-value of 0.001. The results confirmed the influence of green perceived value on green trust and green satisfaction. Moreover, the results highlight that green satisfaction and green trust influence green word of mouth.
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  • Populism on the Web: Presidential Elections in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia (2020–2022)

    Quevedo-Stuva, Maria Ines; Tovar-Gil, Gloria; Mila-Maldonado, Andrea (MDPI, 2023-03-01)
    Populism has become one of the main features of political action worldwide. This research aims to characterize the populist discourse in the tweets of presidential candidates in the Andean Community in recent elections (2020–2022). Accordingly, we analyze the characteristics of their social network profiles, as well as the content and latent discourse of their tweets. We demonstrate that the differences and similarities of their discourse go beyond their right and left association. The differences result from how they construct their identity and establish their relationship with their electorate. Our analysis reveals that this type of discourse is ideological as well as performative. It is ideological because, in the candidates’ discourse, they recontextualize the actual meanings of “us” and “them”. It is performative because it is carried out by a charismatic leader who acts in a specific way to define himself or herself as the embodiment of “the people” and “the good”.
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