• Experiencias profesionales y percepciones sobre la subtitulación interlingüística en Lima, Perú

      Villanueva Jordán, Iván Alejandro; Hermoza Vega, Fiorella; Bravo Diaz, Monica; ivan.villanueva@upc.pe (Universidad de Antioquia, 2017-07-01)
      The following article explores the work experiences and individual perceptions of a group of professionals from Lima (Peru) regarding interlingual subtitling. Such study was conducted using qualitative methods. A total of twelve semi-structured interviews were made, including four groups of participants: companies and professionals of the translation field, as well as companies and professionals of the audiovisual communication field. Although participants believe that subtitling does not have an established market in the Peruvian capital, they do think that it is a niche with a growing demand. Likewise, there is also a distinction between the way translation and audiovisual companies and professionals work, particularly with regard to the subtitling process and the use of guidelines, as well as other criteria used to ensure the quality of the service.
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