• How to define gastronomic identity from Cultural Studies: The Peruvian case

      Del Pozo Arana, Carlos; Miranda Zúñiga, Ezequiel (AZTI-Tecnalia, 2022-03-01)
      Identity is a concept that has received a multiplicity of very diverse approaches and references throughout the history of ideas. Cultural studies have approached with special interest the discussion around the contemporary meanings of this term. This study proposes the concept of gastronomic identity and examines its definition based on Stuart Hall's research on discursive identity. The explanatory capacities of this concept will become evident when it is applied to the case of Peruvian gastronomy through the analysis of texts located at the beginning of the so-called Peruvian gastronomic boom between 1980 and 1995. © 2022 Elsevier B.V.
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    • Percepción del paciente hospitalizado respecto a la atención de enfermería en un hospital público

      Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) (Elsevier B.V., 2015-05-27)
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