• MMDES: Multimedia Digital Ecosystem

      Asres Kidanu, Salomon; Cardinales, Yudith; Chbeir, Richard; De Ponte, Víctor; Figueroa, Alejandro; Rodríguez, Figueroa; Raymundo Ibañez, Carlos Arturo (Computational Science and Engineering, 2016-08)
      Currently multimedia contents dominate the information exchanged in Internet, particularly through social networks. Each actor on the Internet becomes producer and consumer of contents. Nevertheless, social network and other traditional collaborative environments present limitations regarding content selection, categorization, aggregation, linking and interoperability, and usage control and privacy. In [1], we proposed the architecture (based on a peer-to-peer infrastructure and Semantic Web) of a MultiMedia Digital EcoSystem (MMDES), as a new environment for collaboration and sharing of multimedia resources, multimedia processings, as well as for computing and storage capabilities. In this paper, we describe MMDES framework and functionalities related to managing the collective knowledge and equilibrium in MMDES. We also describe the implementation of MMDES using a mobile platform in order to provide resources’ sharing for the Archivo Nacional de Arte Rupestre (ANAR) in Venezuela
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