• Mindfulness-Based Intervention Program to Reduce Anxiety Levels in Martial Arts Athletes

      Trujillo-Torrealva, D.; Reyes Bossio, Mario (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-14)
      Anxiety Pre Competitive State: Phenomenon that occurs in the time before a competitive situation (Cox, 2009). It usually rises and stays stable as the sporting event approaches. It is influenced by factors such as fear of failure in performance, fear of physical damage, feelings of incompetence and imperfection, and pressure for victory or achievement of goals (Días, Cruz & Fonseca, 2011). It is composed of three components: somatic anxiety, cognitive anxiety and self-confidence (Cox, 2009; Jaenes, Peñaloza, Navarrete, & Bohórquez, 2012). Mindfulness: Awareness that arises from paying attention, intentionally, to the present experience as it is. It is third generation cognitive behavioral technique (Moreno, 2012), and represents a way of relating to physical and mental phenomena in a contemplative way (Palmi & Solé, 2016). It also implies a mental state and a psychological capacity that can be practiced and improved (Garcia Campayo & Demarzo, 2015).
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