• Motivational Climate and Physical Self – Concept in Equestrian Jumping Competition Adult athletes

      Benavides Aramburú, L.; Vilchez Vivanco Ordoñez, J.; Reyes Bossio, Mario (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-14)
      Motivational climate generated by the coach: players' perception of the way in which they constitute the activities, organizes the group giving them opportunities and authority, and the way in which it communicates, providing feedback regarding performance and effort in practice (Marques, Nonohay, Koller, Gauer & Cruz, 2015). Ames (1995) and Nicholls (1989), there are two types of athletes' orientations as to the way in which they seek to achieve their goals. Task Orientation Ego Orientation Physical self-concept: It is the overall perception and perception that a person possesses of his / her own physical, which reflects the judgment of competence, physical condition and appearance (Hagger, Hein & Chatzisarantis, 2011) Objective: relationship between motivational climate and physical self-concept in adult athletes competing in equestrian jumping of various equestrian clubs of Lima city
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